Compel Summit Q and A

Is this Summit and actual event?

The Compel Summit is an online only event. You will be able to watch and interact with some amazing speakers just as if you where at any physical summit/conference!

When I register will I be give instructions to access the Summit?

Yes! Once you register we will be contacting you each week leading up to the summit, so that you would have the necessary links to join and access any other information you need!

I can not watch the summit on those times can still access it later?

Yes, Choose the “All Access” plan and you will be able to access all recorded videos and presentation notes!

Who is this Summit For?

  • - Leaders
  • - Creatives
  • - Pastors
  • - Innovators
  • - Business Men and Women
  • - Freelancers
  • - Thinkers

What is the Summit Schedule?

  • - Saturday, December 1st - 4pm to 9pm
  • - Sunday, December 2nd - 6pm to 9:30pm
  • - Monday, December 3rd - 6:30pm to 9pm
(Central Standard Time) *No worries we will alert you when the summit is Live!

What do I need to join in the Summit?

Any computer, laptop, tablet and even a phone with internet!
*Registration is required.

I have additional questions, can I speak to live person?

Yes, you can call 281-716-5850!